The SQUARE Sausage Brand

Perfect sarni-ability

Our sausage fits perfectly between two slices of bread. No more slicing and dicing for that perfect sausage sandwich!

Amazing flavour

Ok, we’re a bit biased, but try SQUIG for yourself - we think you’ll find this is one tasty sausage!

No chewy skin

The sausage skin definitely isn’t the best part of the product. So we’ve done away with it!

No spitting fat

Tired of having fat spit all over the hob?

Our sausages need no oil in the pan and do not spit.

Cooks evenly in just 6 minutes

Our sausage is designed to lay flat in the pan (rather than rolling around).

This means they cook through perfectly in just 6 minutes. 

Gluten free

We don’t put breadcrumbs into our product - so they’re completely gluten free!

100% British pork

We’re proud to support British farmers and use 100% British pork from quality assured farms.

Meet the SQUIG

Square Sausage!

The Classic Pork Squig

Our signature coarse ground quality pork, mixed with a secret blend of herbs and spices to create this classic SQUIG.

Or you can find us in the sausage aisle at Morrisons!


The SQUIG team is dedicated to ensuring SQUIGS are made with only the highest quality ingredients.

Each SQUIG is created in Widnes in the North West by a small team, using traditional techniques and craft skills – making sure every single SQUIG is nothing but delicious.

We believe quality really comes through in the taste.

All our ingredients can be traced right back to the British farms they came from. We allow no growth hormones or antibiotic residues in our meat - all our livestock have suitable space, the right food and water and are looked after only by passionate and qualified farmers.

Our Quality

Cooking Instructions

SQUIGs are tastiest pan fried, but however they're cooked, get them piping hot through and you’ll be instantly hooked! 

Pan-fry from chilled


Preheat a non-stick pan over a medium heat (no oil needed).


Remove SQUIGs from packaging and cook on one side for 3 minutes, followed by 3 minutes on the other side.

Grill from chilled

Preheat grill to medium.



Remove SQUIGs from packaging and grill on one side for 8 minutes, followed by 6 minutes on the other side.


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Before you go - we’ve summed up what we think makes us so special in a little poem!

I’m tasty and juicy, made from all-British pork. I’m perfect for sandwiches…. or just on a fork.

My shape guarantees I cook evenly and fast - burnt chewy skins and raw middles are a thing of the past.

Great for barbies, and sarnies, and breakfast, and dinner, with a SQUIG on your plate, you’re onto a winner.

I know I look different, but give me a crack – after your first taste of SQUIG, you’ll never look back!

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