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No that's not Daniel!  That's his daughter.  As the inspiration behind the product he wanted her face here instead of his, but he's promised to show himself on the millionth squig sold!

Will H

What do we say about Will?  He spent a year running an elephant sanctuary in the jungles of Cambodia, 5 years developing a range of organic vitamins in Switzerland, he was a bicycle tour guide in Paris, he worked for Microsoft. 


He's now finally settled in his home town of York and directs his passions to ensuring SQUIGS push the boundaries of sausage making now and for many years to come.

Will M

Will's father made sausages, his grandfather made sausages and his great grandfather made sausages!  As a 4th generation sausage maker Will helped Daniel develop the coarse grinding technique that gives SQUIGS their extra meaty flavour.


The perfect combination of being a passionate foodie with over 25 years experience in business management - Ian ensures squig are always manufactured to the highest quality standards and that they get to your supermarket shelf ultra-fresh.